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This section is still under development.

A few things to keep in mind while viewing this site. When I designed it I used a screen resolution of 800X600 but is best viewed with a higher resolution. I suggest 1024X768 or higher. I used a 32 bit color scheme but 16 bit should allow the colors to shine just fine. My screen size is 15 inch so everyone should see all of each page without having to scroll left or right. If you cannot then check to see that your browser is maximized. I tested this site on three browsers. Internet Explorer 5.01, Netscape 4.72 and AOL 5.0 but should work fine on previous versions.

If you are experiencing any difficulty viewing this site please send me an E-mail.

Here you will find out how I set the site up and tips on getting the most out of it. I am also going to give a few tips on how to manipulate your screen to accommodate those pay per surf bars and get the maximum open space for you to still enjoy the Internet use a 15 inch screen and I am able to keep 2 viewbars running, my callwave answering machine, ICQ, and AOL instant messenger all going at the same time while playing keno. All with a 200 MHz computer with 64 megs of Ram using a 56k dial up modem. Check back often as I will periodically post other Internet and computing tips.


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