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Velvets Special Inserts

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Keno Buddies

  • Angelace or Naughty Angel, her heart is with us all
  • Ironhorsecowboy is a heart throb and every girl will fall
  • JRrussell is the keno sweetie and a real treasure
  • Dr-Lap will sneak in and grope us all for pleasure
  • If you want the truth ask JimmythaGreek, he is not a liar
  • CelticsPath is mostly quiet but remember her Irish fire
  • ChapterMkr gives us roses and has a great website
  • Pattyisreal is really a doll and everyone’s delight
  • Coaster has a website too with pictures of us to see
  • Sweet Apty is in the “land of under” where we would like to be
  • Dammit will fake a whisper to you and say that you are cheating
  • Bethany plays while she works but never while she’s eating
  • Sugar Daddi brightens our day with his casual flirtation
  • SRB is funny for sure when she wants some more libation
  • ILoveClowns will keep you in stitches, she loves to be a clown
  • Ashman is always a brat and never lets us down
  • Billybear will tell you to bet, he keeps his mind on the game
  • MrsA has a sense of humor that has won her a little fame
  • DingyPooh we love you too and miss you when you go
  • Dede is polite and kind and always lets it show
  • Philippe should be from Heaven the angel that he is
  • And Dadc is a mom for sure and has two wonderful kids
  • TrulyF8s is a great poet, she really loves us all
  • Thebomb sometimes will let her son watch the balls fall
  • Satin is smooth as silk and drives the men bananas
  • PJ is a newbie and he wears casmere pajamas
  • Cobra slithers in the room, he’s the nicest snake we know
  • Lucky pops in sometimes just to say hello
  • Ajna will share her tickies with us but will she share the money?
  • Mudderof3 is in Illinois and thinks that we are funny
  • Ziggy is a southern belle that has a handsome hubby
  • Grubmort seems to be very clean and not at all grubby
  • We wonder if Dreamz has vivid dreams of being wealthy Terriso? will you still come in after you are healthy?
  • Beanybaby, we call her beans, she always gets the hugs
  • When Wildmay hits we say “go wild” and everybody does
  • PokerDre we miss you hon, you are such a cutie
  • Stormy has a lot of tattoos, she’s definitely a beauty
  • Atcpam has a routine that includes daily keno
  • Bubba used to play with us, he is a cop in Reno be continued as I get to know you...LOL

Velvet Goede