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We all like to make money right? Well, why not make money while your on line? I am not talking about while just surfing either. Below you will find People that will pay you for: Surfing the web, reading and writing e-mail, writing a letter, using any program you have even Word, Excel and Appleworks. (I accumulated quite a few hours and $$$ just while working on this site.) Anything and everything you do on your computer while online can make you money.


This is Desktopdollars. Simple to use and it pays you for everything and any thing you do while you are connected to the web. (Even if it has nothing to do with the Internet.) As long as your connected you get paid. Now that's COOL!! and worth a look. If the sign up form does not place my ID# into your sign up form please enter


This is AllAdvantage. They pay you for actively surfing the web. Very easy to use. Included on their viewbar is a search engine and pop up menus with preset links. If the sign up form does not place my ID# into your sign up form please enter HRK-043



OK now it is time to get paid for searching the web. How many times have you searched for something over and over until you finally find that site you are looking for? Well why not get paid for every search? Just click on the banner below.

Have you seen You know they pay users to look at ads you select. Their system is simple and can earn you 10 bucks per ad. You make about $0.50 per minute instead of surfing hours with a surf-bar. This is the least intrusive money maker on the web I have found so far.

I will be adding more choices as soon as I can check them out. If I find that a pay program is not suited for me I will list it here. Let me say this. Just because I list a program does not mean it's not a good program to join. It is just that, that particular program did not suit my needs or did not fit into my usual surfing habits.

If you have a program that you think may interest me then feel free to E-mail me the information.


The following programs I have tried and decided to discontinue their use: PaidforSurf, Getpaid4.

I am a member of Bepaid and Valupay but have suspended taking any referrals due to their unreliability at this time.