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Family to Family

An Interactive Newsletter.

March 2000

All Right!! More of you are getting on the Internet and participating in the newsletter. Thank you all very much. How is the Family tree project coming? Not to hard to figure out I hope? Remember it's not being printed until June so you have plenty of time to get all the information to me.

Well Its March all ready. WOW! Time goes fast. Soon the birds will be chirping and the grass will be green again. I trust everyone is making it through winter with out too much trouble? Down here in North Dakota we were lucky.  So far we have not had any major storms at least not yet.

A couple of things before we get started with the newsletter. First I would like to apologize to Allan West. What for? Well I continue to spell his name incorrectly. I always want to spell it Alan when in fact it is Allan. I am sorry Allan. (Love Uncle James (Jimmy))

You may notice that what is printed in the newsletter looks very similar to what you wrote me. Well I have decided to keep what you write to me as close as possible in the newsletter. This way nothing will be lost in the interpretation. So when you write, write like you are talking to everyone not just me. If you mark anything private or it looks like it is directed to me personally I will not print it.

Here is a hint on viewing and printing this newsletter: If the letters are too small on your screen when viewing the you can enlarge the font size. In AOL under my AOL preferences in the general sections make sure your fonts size is set where you want it small, med. or Lrg. In Internet Explorer under the view menu in text size, click the size you want. They give you 5 choices. In Netscape you have two selections under the view menu, increase or decrease font. Remember when printing this newsletter what you see on the screen is what prints including the letter size so you may not get the correct page separation that the printed version readers get. I highlight each section and check how many pages it takes before printing then I print each section separately.

Well lets get on with why we read this letter...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Special Days this Month:

Happy Birthday to:

Mar 3. Robert West. Mar 17. Joan West.

Lily Coulter Mar 17.

Other Days to Remember:

3rd Mar : National Anthem Day: National Anthem Day is for you to be proud that you're an American. Reach out to all your fellow Americans and keep the American Dream alive ...

4th Mar : I Want You To Be Happy:  Happiness is a state of the mind, but that state of mind happens only when you are in touch with your friends and close ones ! So on I Want You To Be Happy Day, make your near ones' day with a sweet card and tell them to keep smiling !

4th Mar : Mother-in-law's Day:  Mother-in-law's Day is for you to be a good soul and wish your Mom-In-Law with a special message. Hey, communicating is the key to a happy family !

9th Mar : Panic Day:  Panic Day ! Well, we're sure, at times work pressure, deadlines and your boss drive you to panic. If you're feelin' like that or know someone who is, ease the pressure with a fun card. Have fun while you work !

11th Mar : Anti-Drugs Day:  Drugs are a menace that threaten the young people the world over. Some think they're cool and hip, some think they're solutions to problems. But drugs are nothing but killers. On Anti Drugs Day, spread the word around to everyone you know that drugs are uncool....

17th March : Saint Patrick's Day:  Yippee, it's Saint Patrick's Day ! Kiss the blarney stone, get set to rock with the Leprechauns and wish all your friends and family a great Saint Patrick's Day ! And a very Happy Green Day to you too !

20th Mar : Nauroze:  Nauroze is an event that celebrates Spring and what it symbolizes : the joy of life. It is also the beginning of the New Year for Parsis, Zoroastrians and Bahais. Wish everyone you know on this joyous occasion with a special message...

20th Mar : Spring Equinox Day:  In the northern hemisphere, the first day of spring is on or about March 21. This is the day of the vernal equinox. Spring being the season symbolic of new life, hope and joy, make sure you wish the people close to you the good things in life...

21st Mar : Single Parent's Day:  Being a single parent calls for being all in one ! Juggling between kids, work and a host of other things, they are super-heroes that do a fantastic job ! On this day, send them a greeting and make their day !

23rd Mar : Liberty Day:  Liberty Day is for you to celebrate the spirit of freedom with the people close to you. Let freedom ring in our hearts...

30th Mar : Doctor's Day:  Doctor's Day is for you to diagnose some fun for your Doctor friend or family member ! Thank them for taking such good care of you and make 'em feel special !

What's Going On?

Tania Staal: Hello there!

Well we got back from vacation safe and sound. We had an excellent time. We did all sorts of stuff including eating and drinking ALOT!!!! We also took a lesson in the pool on scuba took me a while to do it but after I got the hang of it I loved it, we went on a tour to Bacardi island, we went kayaking, we went on a water fall tour where we climbed up four levels and then slid down the rocks or jumped of the cliffs, we watched nightly activities at the resort, we went to a beach party and a disco (bar) there, and went shopping in Puerto Plata and went to the rum factory and an amber museum. We say the place where they shot the first scene of Jurassic Park where the mosquito is in the amber and they get the DNA from it. We were always busy and always having fun! Can't wait for the next vacation. I have recently hooked up with Keith on the Internet and we stay in touch through e-mail, so I talk to him more than I ever have before. I went for another job interview with Community Living here in Sarnia, it is the same type of work (with the handicap) and they seem quite interested in me so that looks promising for a part time job. I need something else as I quit my other 2 jobs and just have the one now and find I have too much time on my hands *laugh* Anyway that is about it...I hope Mom, Grampie and Grandma are all doing well in Petitcodiac!!!! Love Tania.

John & Joan West: Hello Everybody:

We heard that Rob is now on the Internet and are happy that everyone can talk to each other that way. The weather is not too bad and we hope it gets warmer soon. We are fine and say hi to everyone and that we love you. We do not do to much right now. As of  March 20/2000 The postal code will be E4Z-4P1 old one is E0A-2H0 We Love and miss you all.

Pat Staal: Hello:

Well everything is the usual around here. I hope to have more to write about when the weather gets warmer. Love and miss you all.

Ron & Lily Coulter: Hello:

To Fred and family thank you for your E-mail. MUCH APPRECIATED. We were in Vancouver BC attending a funeral, a cousin of yours passed away very suddenly of Cancer. Arlene was only 44 years old and leaves three daughters. Aunt Lily has been ill with a bad strain of the flu,and is just now feeling like living. Our news isn't great but we are over the worst. Uncle Ron turned 70 on Feb. 21st We spent it very quietly at home alone no one wanted to share our germ filled home. Oh well. Aunt Lily turns 73 on Mar 17 enjoying the same date as Joan. OUR LOVE TO EACH OF YOU UNCLE RON AUNT LILY.

Wayne & Penny Cox, Tara Stanley & Brian Stanley: Hi Everyone!

Well Valentines day cane and went so fast. We had a nice dinner, and exchanged cards. Tara had a competition on the 12 of Feb. and her team came in first. They are doing very well. She is also been picked to on the team that will represent her school in the Provincial competition. Brian and Wayne are doing very well with their karate. I myself  (Penny) am just working and trying to keep the household together. We say hello to everyone and hope all is well. We love an miss you all and welcome Rob, Kathy and Allan to the World Wide Web.

Fred & Veronica West:

Hi Everyone! Things are going well here and we are finally getting the computer room painted and setup. Roni has been on vacation so she got the itch to paint and wallpaper the room. Roni is getting used to me working the afternoon shift some. The weather is warm and wet almost no snow left soon I will be able to work on the back yard putting in a pond and work shed .. The kids are doing OK Doug needs to get some thing done to his jaw there is a lump of some sort he is get it tested . Hi to all and love you.

Robert, Kathy & Allan West: Hi everyone!

Kathy, Allan and I are fine. We got our computer for Xmas and we are on AOL. The e-mail address is Kathy received a trip from work to Jamaica for the good work she has done last year. We are going to be there from March 25 to April 1. Allan is doing fine at work and is still looking for a motorbike and me (Rob) I am always on this computer all the time. Kathy and I cannot wait until we go to Jamaica. Love; Robert, Kathy and Allan. Ps. We love you all.

James West: Hello everyone!

I am doing just fine still doing the usual. He wanted everyone to get this picture of him. Even if it's not the best one ever taken. He wants everyone to know that he is happy, healthy and misses you all. Love and miss you all.

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