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Happy New Year!


Special Days This Month:

Jan 1. New Years Day.

Celebrating the end of one year and the start of a new one is an age-old religious, social, and cultural observance in all parts of the world. In Western nations the New Year festivities take place on December 31, but in other cultures they take place on different dates

Jan 10. Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday Observed.

(1929-68). Inspired by the belief that love and peaceful protest could eliminate social injustice, Martin Luther King, Jr., became one of the outstanding black leaders in the United States. He aroused whites and blacks alike to protest racial discrimination, poverty, and war. A champion of nonviolent resistance to oppression, he was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1964.
No Birthdays that I know of.


Happy New Year!

This is just another happy new years to everyone from everyone. We hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a Great New Year.



What's Going On?

Tania Staal:

 Tania says everything is fine and is having Christmas dinner at her house. She is having about 10 guests and hopes everyone likes her real tree the first year for live trees. She has a new computer and is on line. Her E-mail address is

She plans on taking a vacation in February with her boyfriend Rick to the Dominican Republic. Rick is looking to be a truck driver for Schneider trucking and is continuing to complete his driver training at Ontario Trucking School.

Tania says she has not been feeling well lately and has to be checked for allergies and is using drugs to control it. Tania wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

John and Joan West:

John and Joan say everything is fine and they loved their gift. So far they have purchased two new recliners and some nice bedding. They plan on taking a short trip with the rest. Once again they thank everyone and send their love. They will miss everyone at Christmas and hope everyone has a great day and a Happy New Year.

Pat Staal:

Pat says she is doing fine and that her house is full of Christmas decorations that John and Joan have put up. They are going to be having a small gathering with just the three of them and her son Keith. She hopes everyone has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

James West:

James is doing good and is having a quiet Christmas this year. He misses everyone and hopes that their Christmas was great and they have a Happy New Year. He also would like to let everyone know that when they visit the web site, if they scroll down below the under construction sign they will see the beginning of his other site. It is a banner link site that he makes some money through. So if you visit the site be sure to look around click on a few banners and have fun. He hopes to be hosting an online contest soon and his site also has a missing persons page the displays missing kids from around the country including Canada. So go have a look.

Wayne & Penny Cox:

Wayne and Penny say their Christmas went well and enjoyed their time at Wayne's parents home. They say that Tara and Brian got just about everything they wanted or needed for christmas this year which included their own TV for their rooms.

Wayne, Penny and Brian will be spending New Years at a friends house while Tara goes to a sleep over. They all hope that everyone had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

Fred and Veronica West:

Fred and Veronica say everything is fine. They went out to see John and Joan for their anniversary and were their to help present the gift at the restaurant they had dinner at. They said it was hard for Pat to get John and Joan to go and meet them in Moncton as they did not know that Fred and Veronica were there. They spent the day in Moncton with the women going shopping and the men playing candlestick bowling which was a tougher game then they thought. They spent most of their time playing cards, shopping and just having plain old fun. They hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

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