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My Friends: If your name is not listed or info is missing please E-mail me. I only placed those who answered my request.

This is Angelace:

Here's the link to her Home page:



About her: (These are her words.)Let's see....hmmmm. K, here we go: Hi, I am Michelle. Glad you could visit Chap's wonderful site. He's asked us to share about ourselves and so I begin. I live in Texas and have two sons who lost their father to drug addictions and alcohol. (God's helping us through it; God and friends.) We love animals and any kind of art you can imagine. We enjoy laughter, love, hope and each other. Stan aspires to be a computer programmer, Brian aspires to be a drummer in a rock and roll band, and I aspire to have them be happy. At present, I am a substitute teacher and loving it. My ultimate goal is to reach kids and to help them. Thank you so much for reading this and hope you enjoy the rest of the site.

Here's the link to her Home page:

This is Dre:

This her Quote: To the men.....don't love me because I like women. Love me cause I'm cute. To the women.....just love me.


She has been married for 10 years. No children but does have a horse named Brush. She lives in CT but originally from NC. She loves jogging, horse back riding, travel and her friends. She is a Legal Secretarie for 4 Lawyers and works at home.

This is Marc:

Here's the link to his lego site

This is pattyisreal:

I am the 35 year old divorced mother of 2 wonderful sons. I have many hobbies......I am a blue jeans and T-shirt person, on rare occasions you may find me dressed up, but don't hold your breath! I like sports.....Thats right... I'd rather watch football than go shopping! I love the outdoors but enjoy being inside also. Patty (pattyisreal)

This is cutieontheloose

Well there really isnt much to tell. LOL I'm 36. Im a single mom raising three children. (Two boys ages 11 and 9, and one girl 4) I work a full time job. I like to do outdoor activities and bowl. Love chatting with all my keno buddies and having fun.



This is Satinswf.

Satinswf is 31 yrs old from Ontario, Canada. She is a single mom of two beautiful daughters. She loves playing keno with her friends.

Suthrngal732: NO PIC

These are her web sites.

This is Velvetperks:


About Velvet(Her words.): I started to meet everyone here in January, 2000 and immediately felt a kindred spirit. a gathering of fun-loving people. I am married and I have 3 children ages 21, 17 and 3, which only feeds my sense of humor. I also have two grandchildren and the gray hairs are starting to show! lol

Those who have no pic or web site but deserved to be mentioned because they are my friends too:


MrsNasty: Lives in Canada, married 17 yrs, have 2 teenagers, and works in hairdressing.

Joy: That's all she gave me so that's all I put.

If you don't see your name here and you would like me to place you on my site please E-mail me.

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