Family to Family--February
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Family to Family

An interactive Newsletter.
February 2000.

Well I could not do it. I could not stop sending this letter to everyone on the list that did not write. I love you all too much to do that. I wish you would write me but if your not up to it then I understand and am willing to continue including you in this letter.

Ok just about every month I have had a request from everyone and this month is no different. What I would like everyone to do for me and the rest of the family is to send me your family tree and don't think that just because someone else will send theirs that you won't need to because its the same well your wrong. Everyones should be different in one way or another. Remember this letter is not just for the West's. It's for everyone so everyone has a different family tree either because of marriage, adoption or what ever. This letter should be growing more and with the help of the family tree I hope to expand it some. please include names, address's, phone #'s, email address' , birth dates, anniversaries any information you can on the people in the tree. I am sure there are a few of us who would like to hear from someone or another in the family but just do not know how to reach them.

Now the family tree you produce will be centered around John and Joan West. Start with them and branch out in all other directions. This way we are all using the same starting point. Don't forget to add any interesting information on members of your family. Did they invent something or contribute something that made this world a better place to live. Tell everyone and be proud of where you came from. Who knows you just may learn something interesting and exciting about your family. I will try to collect all the information from everyone and print it in the June's newsletter.

Family to Family Feb2

Special Days This Month:

Happy Birthday to:

Tara Stanley Feb. 21

Ron Coulter Feb. 21

Doug West Feb. 26

Nelson Anniversary Day. Tuesday, Feb 1. Anniversary days in New Zealand celebrate the founding of specific communities.

Groundhog day. Feb. 2. This U.S. holiday and festival is held to predict the severity and duration of winter. Traditionally, if the groundhog sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter. If groundhog does not see his shadow, there will be an early spring.

Chinese New Year. Feb 5,6,7 Year of the Dragon begins. In China, the lunar new year is celebrated with parades and lavish decorations in homes and businesses.

Tet (Lunar New Year) (Civic) Saturday, Feb 5,6,7 Vietnam's most important holiday, Tet, celebrates the new lunar year. The accompanying feasts and celebrations can last more than a week, though it is officially recognized for three days.

Waitangi day Feb. 6 New Zealand's Waitangi Day commemorates the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi, which exchanged British Sovereignty for the protection of the Maori people and their land rights. Not all Maori chieftains agreed with the terms of the treaty, and so Waitangi Day protests by their descendants and/or sympathizers are not uncommon.

Lincolns Birthday Feb. 12 President Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809. He is probably best known for issuing the Emancipation Proclamation that led to the end of slavery in the United States. His birthday was once celebrated as a separate civic holiday, as was George Washington's birthday (February 22, 1732). In 1971 the two were combined into the public holiday President's Day.

Valentines Day Feb. 14 This secular holiday celebrates romantic love, and is marked by the exchanging of cards and gifts.

Presidents Day Feb. 21 This U.S. holiday honors the memory of past presidents, particularly George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, whose birthdays (February 22 and February 12, respectively) were once separate civic holidays. In some states, this holiday is called Washington's Birthday. It is celebrated on the third Monday in February.

Washingtons Birthday Feb. 22 The first President of the United States, George Washington, was born on February 22, 1732. His birthday was once celebrated as a separate civic holiday, as was President Abraham Lincoln's (February 12, 1809). In 1971 the two were combined into the public holiday President's Day.

What's Going On?

Tania Staal:

Tania says she had a wonderful Christmas. Spending most of it with Ricks family and their friends. They had Christmas dinner at their house and she now appreciates everything her mom went through and says thanks mom for all those great dinners. She received a lot of gifts for her home and a furby. Which she loves because she says she is still a kid at heart. Tania stays busy with work and trying to figure out her new computer. She would like to thank her mom for the Christmas gift and hope everyone had a great Christmas. She also has a special request for her brother Keith to write so that she and the rest of the family can know how he is doing.

John & Joan West:

Joan and Joan say everything is fine. They had a nice Christmas and did not do much for New Years. They are still bowling. They like hearing how everyone is doing in the newsletter and say that they will always write each month so that everyone who receives the letter will know how they are doing.

Pat Staal:

Pat says everything is fine with her. Christmas was nice and she stayed home on New Years eve. She says the weather has been cold and she can hardly wait until it warms up. She has not been doing anything exciting lately and says hi to everyone.

James West:

James is doing good and just wishes more of the family would write. He also hopes everyone will participate in the family tree project. Other than that things are normal and quiet. His Christmas was quiet and he worked New years eve and day.

Wayne & Penny Cox:

Everything is fine at the Cox home. Wayne and Brian are taking Karate lessons and Penny and Tara are getting ready for a wedding in Sept. Penny is the Matron of Honour and Tara will be a junior bridesmaid. They say the weather has been very cold in Waterloo. They would like to say hi to everyone and hope they are doing well. They also enjoy reading about how everyone is doing.

Fred & Veronica West:

Fred and Veronica say everything is the usual, busy busy busy. They have not been doing much lately. Fred has been working on a project for a friend of his designing a cd cover and has just finished it. Fred is enjoying his new job and will probably stay there for a while. Veronica is not too keen on him working the night shift every two weeks but she will make it. Their dogs are fine and Brisby has been attacking a christmas present that Veronica got from a friend, putting both of them in the dog house. Doug is doing good and he just started a job at Sunoco. Dawn is looking for a new place to live and will let everyone know the new address when she gets it. Everyone says hi and that they miss us all.

Ron & Lily Coulter:  

Ron and Lily have finally gone computerized and would like everyone to have their email address. It is Be sure to send them an email greeting. They also have a home address correction. Their correct address is as follows. (See E-Mail.)

Ron and Lily hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. They love the newsletter and are happy to hear from the family. They wish that more of the family would write so that they can get up to speed on how everyone is doing.

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