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The stranger I knew
When I caught your gaze
A calm remembrance 
Of long past days
Tenderness woven in
A memory that lies
That time when I last
Looked into your eyes

I know without knowing 
The feel of your touch
I remember your kisses
I needed so much
And although I know
I've never met you before
It just makes me want you
All that much more

I remember no memory
Of a candlelight night
Our bodies were melted
To one 'til daylight
You had said to me
In the soft light of dawn
A line of lyric
From a very old song

It's a memory of lies
But a fantasy true
And a dream of a time
In the future with you
So look to me with
Your eyes of deep brown
Don't sever your gaze
As you're taking me down
Then fill my body
With a passion so hot
And make my fantasy
From a memory that's not

Velvet Goede


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a bud
that springs forth
and grows, ripening
into a flower.

Don't cry For Me

Don't cry for me when my time has come
 laugh, rejoice, and sing a song.
Don't cry for me when my life is done
  love, remember, and have some fun.
Don't cry for me when I am gone
  life's too short to grieve
        so long.

By Patty Smith. (pattyisreal)

Don't Cry For Me has been published in the Poetry Guilds anthology in 1998

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      Life Is.....
Life is a seagull,
  that flies above the sea.
Life is a flower,
  that comes from a seed.
Life is a tree,
  that blows in the wind.
Life is a glow,
  that comes from within.

Life is a candle,
  that burns so slow.
Life is a ant,
  that stands so low.
Life is a bee,
  that dies after a sting.
Life is a bird,
  with a broken wing.

By Terri Sozzoni

wrote at 11 years old

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