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Family to Family

an Interactive Newsletter.

April 2000

From the Editor:

Well information is a little light this month. Were missing a few people. Hope everything is OK. Anyone having trouble with their family tree? Well don't feel bad most of us are. Just take your time and don't worry too much about the deadline. Just let me know if your going to need more time and i will wait for you to finish. I would like to print it in June but July would be fine. i do have a Special request from those who have not written to this newsletter. Would you please send me a letter for next month. We would all like to know how you are doing. Please and Thank you. We all love you and would like to know how you are doing.

Special days:


Everyone would like to wish the following a very Happy Birthday.

Allan West: April 17

Veronica West: April 25

We would like to congratulate Robert and Kathy West on their wedding anniversary April 16


Other Events in April are:

Pets Are Wonderful Month
International Guitar Month
Keep America Beautiful Month
National Humor Month
Listening Awareness Month
Grass Month National Anxiety Month
National Food Month
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
Alcohol Awareness Month

April 1 April Fools Day
April 2 Daylight savings time begins
April 3 Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day
April 5 National School Psychology Day
April 10 Spring Smokeout DayApril 14 Wildlife Day
April 21 Earth Day
April 21 Good Friday
April 22 Earth day
April 23 Easter Sunday
April 24 Easter Monday (can, UK, Aust., NZ)
April 26 Nuclear Reactor Day
April 26 Secretaries day

What's going on?

Fred & Veronica West:

Hello everyone. Not much doing around here. Getting the house clean. We haven't done anything esciting really, we have been out rock hunting getting ready to design the pond surroundings. Doug and Dawn are both still working and doing fine. Well thats about all for now.

Love Fred and Roni.

Ron and Lili Coulter:

Hello Everone. We are doing well. Weather is definetly great. The spring flowers are pushing thru the earth. Blossoms are budding on the cherry tree. Our Schnauzer dogs are full of too much energy. Now what else can I say. Talked to Jim & Linda a few weeks ago and all is well there. We are going to visit our oldest son in Calgary Alberta during the Easter holidays spend a day or so with them. This is Ron's oldestson Scott married to Joanne a lovely French girl from Montreal. I am trying to put together some past history of the West family, Just please be patient with me and I,ll get some info ready soon. Have a great spring. We love you all and will get back to each of you as soon as we can.

AUNT LILY @ UNCLE RON TROOPER @ BUDDY [these are our dogs]

Robert, Kathy & Allan West:

We are all fine. Kathy and I are in Jaimaica from March 25 until April 1 so the next letter will have more about us and our trip.

Love Robert, Kathy and Allan.

James West:

Well all is still good here. Starting to get my web site to look like I wnat it too. i changed the look of it once all ready but i am working on an even better, more professional design which should be ready by mid April. The web site's address or URL is You can get to this newsletter from there if your online. Anyway nothing new so take care everyone until nest month.

Love James.

Tania Staal:

Our E-mail address has changed to

Love Tania.

Wayne & Penny Cox, Tara & Brian Stanley.

How are all of you doing? Everything here is fine. Tara had a regional chapionship cheerleading competition and her team came in 1st so they are on to the provincial championshipds in St Catherines sometime in May.

Wayne is woeking hard as usual and is doing great on his karate as well. They both have a gradign on Apr 29th. I'm working hard and thanks to Wayne the dishes are getting done because we jsut purchased a new dishwasher. Only kidding the dishes were getting washed before.

I'm in a wedding on April. Tara was supposed to be in it also, but they have dcided to just have a samll one at city hall. Well i hope everyone is doing great. I hope to hear from sone of you soon.

Love Penny, Wayne, Tara & Brian.

John and Joan West:

I did not recieve a letter this month as i usual do. It is probably lost in the mail. Everyone hopes they are doing fine.